Goma: At least 8 deaths and 20 wounded in new anti-Monusco demonstrations


The city of Goma, capital of the province of North Kivu woke up to gunfire this Wednesday, August 30, 2023. At the base of this situation, new anti-Monusco demonstrations called by the "Wazalendo" under the cap of the MECIATH church (the natural faith judaica messianic towards the nations).

Gunshots in every hot corner of the city. Already this morning the CEBCA-Ndosho hospital said it had received at least 20 wounded while the organizers also speak of at least 8 recorded deaths.

The town hall of Goma had already banned the said demonstration a week ago. Since Tuesday night, the day before, several soldiers and police have been deployed in hot corners of the city to try to contain possible demonstrations.

The population who was already warned for these demonstrations stayed at home while others are along the roads to observe the evolution of the situation.

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