Keep in mind these 10 questions before having sex with someone

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You may find it difficult to talk about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) while you are just getting to know someone intimately.

Nevertheless, you should ask the following questions before you have sex to reduce your risk of getting infected by an STD. Consider printing the list and keeping it in your wallet or pocketbook.

1.Are you having sex with anyone else?

2.How many sexual partners have you had?

3.Have you ever had an STD?

4.Have you ever had a sexual partner who had HIV or another STD?

5.How long has it been since you’ve been tested for HIV and other STDs?

6.How many sexual partners have you had since then?

7.Have you ever had genital ulcers or warts?

8.Do you have any STD symptoms - ulcers, warts, vaginal or penile discharge?

9.Do you know how to tell if you are infected with an STD?

10.Do you prefer getting tested for HIV and other STDs, and then having a monogamous relationship, or using condoms each time we have sex?

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