I am the only candidate designated by God to lead the DRC - Pastor Ngalasi


“We don’t need to go to the Stadium to beat our campaign. God will speak to each Congolese. For my part, he told me clearly, election or not, I will put you on power,” declared Pastor Aggrey Ngalasi to the followers of his Church "La Louange" extension of Mont-Ngafula in Kinshasa.

Candidate number 16 in the presidential election next December is convinced to be “the only candidate designated by God to lead the DRC”.

He claims to have a plan from God to end the war in eastern DRC in order to permanently secure the country because “God has shown me exactly what I need to do. Where should I start and what I would do next. Then the war will end and the Congo will stand.”

For the development of the DRC, Pastor Ngalasi reveals having received a prophecy in the form of “a great light which transformed into a diamond and descended on my head before reaching the earth. And from this land came buildings and other riches.”

When submitting his candidacy for the presidential election, the pastor of the Église la Louange even affirmed that “it is God who has mandated us. We have no pretensions. We obeyed the voice of God. God wants to uplift the nation through my modest person.”

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