Kagame warns DRC’s Tshisekedi, Burundi’s Ndayishimiye who threaten to overthrow him


Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has warned his Congolese and Burundian counterparts that they could pay a heavy price, amid the two presidents threats to overthrow his government.

Kagame is accused by both Kinshasa and Gitega of training and financing M23 and RED-Tabara, the rebel groups whom they accuse to destabilize their goverments. Kigali has always refuted the allegations.

President Evariste Ndayishimiye last Sunday while he was in meeting held in Kinshasa with over 100 Congolese youth, he threatened to support a regime change in Kigali; a plan he shares with his Congolese counterpart.

Burundian leader asserted that while the population in the region lives decently, the core issue lies in what he perceives as "bad leaders" of Rwanda.

"This is a regional issue; first, there is the unity of citizens. I know there is no problem between citizens; it’s bad leaders. As in the army, they say there are no bad troops; it’s the commanders who are bad" said Ndayishimiye adding "at the moment, I believe our struggle must continue until the Rwandan people also start to exert pressure [to their government] because I see that Rwandan youth cannot accept being prisoners in the region."

President Paul Kagame while delivering a state of the nation address at the opening of the 19th National Dialogue Council (Umushyikirano 2024), warned those threatening to attack Rwanda that they will pay the price if they dare to attempt it.

“When it comes to defending this country that suffered for so long and nobody came to help, I don’t need permission from anybody to do what we have to do to protect ourselves,” said President Kagame.

“I will say it in broad daylight. I have said it to those who matter in this problem and that’s what is going to happen. There will be nothing crossing these borders of this small country of ours,” he added, urging Rwandans to go home and sleep peacefully.

The head of state also described the warmongering as empty threats, more like a balloon with air, which he said is deflated by a prick of a needle; adding that if Rwanda is put in a situation where it has to defend herself, the consequences will be dire.

President Paul Kagame emphasized that Rwanda would not allow a situation when it can be setback to the situation of 30 years ago, where it lost millions of people to ethnic hate and that the country would do all it takes to fightback and those behind it would pay for it.

“You have seen I have not answered these insults that are coming from the south (Burundi), from the west (RC); those are just words, those don’t kill. Rwanda is not about exchanging insults" he said ading "that’s not us, but they will learn something, that they made a big mistake. Absolutely a big mistake".

The President said that Rwanda will not provoke anyone despite having been provoked more than one time, but he warned those behind it to pay a heavy price when they cross a certain line.

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