Uncertainty over Félix Tshisekedi’s ability to resolve the war in the East


During a rally at the Martyrs Stadium, candidate Félix Tshisekedi recently criticized his political opponent Moïse Katumbi, questioning his ability to end armed conflicts in six months if elected president.

These statements raised concerns about Tshisekedi’s desire to effectively resolve issues of war and stability in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) according to mediacongo.net.

A message of despair for populations affected by conflicts

By attacking his political opponents, Tshisekedi sent a message of despair to populations who aspire to peace and an end to wars. By minimizing the seriousness of their suffering and not proposing concrete and immediate solutions, the candidate has raised concerns about his ability to respond to the urgent concerns of the population, in particular those displaced by war in the Kivu and Ituri regions.

The absence of a short and medium term vision

Populations faced with unbearable living conditions aspire to a rapid resolution of conflicts and the restoration of peace. However, Tshisekedi’s statements suggest that these concerns are not a priority for him in the short term. This means that populations can continue to suffer for months or even years without seeing any real improvement in their situation.

Lack of concrete action

Victims of conflict, who are eager to listen to presidential candidates’ proposals to end the conflicts, may feel disillusioned by the lack of concrete measures taken by Tshisekedi. The fight for peace must be carried out through various means, ranging from military approaches to political and diplomatic solutions, but the candidate’s statements do not demonstrate a real desire to act quickly to resolve these problems.

The priority of peace

In a context where the DRC has already experienced episodes of violent conflict involving rebel groups such as the M23, the priority of peace and stability is crucial for the Congolese population.

The outgoing president’s actions and speeches, compared to those of his opponent, raise questions about Tshisekedi’s ability to prioritize building a stable future for the country.

Félix Tshisekedi’s statements during his rally at the Martyrs stadium fueled fears about his desire to effectively resolve conflicts in the DRC. By sending a message of despair to populations affected by wars and by failing to provide concrete and immediate solutions, it has raised concerns about its ability to respond to the urgent needs of the population. The priority of peace and stability in the DRC must be clearly established by the presidential candidates to bring long-awaited hope to a country ravaged by conflict.

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