Things all men should seriously consider when choosing a woman to marry

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The wealth you are accumulating right now should not be in vain, considering to have someone to pass it to.
But in this era, many are hesitant to start families because their hopes are darkened and threatened by the ideology of divorce.

The completion of your marriage life is determined by the kind of woman you shall choose for a wife.

Here are tips to help you select a wife, build a happy life and avoid divorce.

Choose a young lady

Men marry down and women marry up. Embrace a lady who is younger than you. If you are 33 years, you marry a girl around 23 years. Additionally, ladies age fast due to child-bearing and you would want someone beautiful for company as you grow older.

Ignore the career woman

Majority of career women are hesitant to settle and are reluctant to have a family. They have a firm disagreement on motherly roles in the family and compete for superiority both at work and at home. A career woman is against cooking her family meals, handling her own kids and has no time taking care of her husband. No wonder men fall for house girls. If you have to marry a career woman, you definitely have to be certain that you earn more than her.

Forget the party girl who cannot wait for the weekend to gulp booze all night. She must have respect, a non-alcoholic and not a stoner. Yes. She must not smoke weed. It is almost unattainable to change a hooker into a housewife. The lesser sexual partners she has and the sober she is the better.

She honours you

This is the main reason you should marry a lady younger than you. It is the only way to be adorable and admirable to her. You want to be the man she deeply loves and respects.

Find a woman who lights up whenever she sees you. When the world seems to be crumbling down, a glimpse of her smile can lighten you up and make you feel invincible.

No divorce should be in her speech

If she keeps on referring to divorce as a way to tackle marriage conflict, throw her away and dig somewhere else.

She must have a family background

Make sure she has something that she calls family. So that even your kids can have the idea of having a family
In conclusion, the kind of woman you choose for a wife is critical to you and your kids. Take time and do not rush to tie the knot.Â

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